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How tough does your TV need to be?

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Built to Endure

The VAULT High Security Institutional Enclosure is an all welded stainless steel TV enclosure with a highly specialized impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate viewing window with unparalleled security and usability features.

Built for Function

SPI considered the unique needs of the correctional environment and engineered the VAULT to protect offender televisions from vandalism, abuse, and unauthorized intrusion. The VAULT protects the television without sacrificing usability or functionality.

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Built for Ease of Use

Power, volume, and channel selection can be accessed directly from the VAULT. 

Built with Innovation

SPI also incorporated an FM transmitter so offenders can use their personal radios by tuning to an FM radio station to listen to the television programming. Each transmitter is low power so it will not interfere with other RF transmissions and can be tuned to any frequency between 87-108 MHz. 

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The all welded stainless steel construction is virtually destruction proof. We went to great lengths to make sure the VAULT is tough enough to withstand the harshest correctional environment. We hit it with hammers, threw bars of soap, batteries, nuts, bolts and just about anything else we could find at it. The result was an unharmed television and a practically unscathed VAULT.

The VAULT is secured to the wall using a heavy duty stainless steel hinge on one side and a heavy duty clasp that is secured by a padlock on the other side. The TV can be accessed by simply unlocking the padlock and swinging open the enclosure.

The VAULT has its own internal audio system with two (2) external speakers that are protected from intrusion. The maximum volume can be set by staff to a suitable level. This feature allows the television to be completely protected but still easily heard by users.

Key Benefits


Protects the television from damage.


Secures the TV from abuse by eliminating access to the USB ports and auxiliary audio/video ports.


Easily manage TV privileges through the use of the optional keyed on/off switch.


The internal volume control allows the institution and appropriate staff to set the maximum volume level.


The standard FM transmitter allows offenders to listen to the television through their personal radios.


The keypad allows operation of all vital functions: volume, channel selection, and power. A remote can still be used if desired.

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